January 3, 2018

eFile Services


Register of Deeds does not charge a fee for Electronic Recording, however there are processing fees associated with the company that you select below.

We accept ALL document types for Electronic Recording with the exception of plats.

Deeds require tax certification prior to recording.


When submitting a Deed for recording if you do not include on the document the “delinquent tax statement” with regards to N.C.G.S. 161-31, the document will be forwarded to the tax office for tax certification. This could result in a 1-3 day delay in recording.


We Accept or Reject e-recordings immediately, in the order in which they are received. It takes approximately 24 hours for the client to receive recording notification. However you may check the temporary index on our website rod.co.robeson.nc.us to print a recorded copy.


To begin E-Recording please contact one of the following companies via their online website and they will get you started.



Simplifile.com   (800)460-5657



efile@indecomm.net  (877)272-5250



eRecording@cscinfo.com  (866)652-0111


If you have questions about the e-recording process please contact our office 910-671-3040