December 21, 2017

Indexing Abbreviations

Abbreviations Used

Non-Human Name Abbreviations:

Firm Name Abbreviation
Carolina Power & Light Co Carolina P&L Co
Carolina Telephone & Telegraph Co Carolina T&T
Lumbee River Electric Membership Co Lumbee River EMC
Secruity Pacific Housing Services a Division of Bank of America FSB Delaware Secruity Pacific Housing Services a Div of Bank of America FSB
Southeash Production Credit Association Southeast PCA
Southern Bell Telephone & Telegraph Co Southern Bell T&T Co
USA Farmers Home Administration USA Farmers Home
USA Rural Development Administration USA Rural Development Admn
USA Rural Electrification Administration USA Rural Electrification Admin

Words Abbreviated in Non-Human Names

Word Abbreviation
And &
Associate(s) Assoc
Association Assn
Bank & Trust B&T
Company(ies) Co
Condominium Condo
Corporation Corp
County Cnty
Department Dept
Finance Fin
Incorporated Inc
Insurance Ins
Limited Ltd
Mortgage Mtg
Partner Ptnr
Partnership Ptnrp
Savings & Loan S&L