December 21, 2017

Cancellation Methods

Table 3.2 Standard Satisfaction Forms

Type of Instrument Signatory
Satisfaction of security instrument (no fee)
(G.S. 45-36.11)
Secured creditor
Trustee’s satisfaction of deed of trust (no fee)
(G.S. 45-36.21)
Trustee (secured creditor may also sign
that obligation is extinguished
Notice of satisfaction (no fee)
(G.S. 47-46.1)
Secured creditor or trustee
Certificate of satisfaction (no fee)
(G.S. 47-46.2)
Owner of note or secured creditor
Affidavit of satisfaction (no fee)
(G.S. 45-36.17)
N.C. attorney satisfaction agent
Partial release (no fee)
(G.S. 45-36.22)
Secured creditor or trustee
Deed of release (fee applies)
(G.S. 45-41)
Party holding Interest